Why Cant I Follow Someone on TikTok? The Hidden Rules and Limits

An infographics on Why Cant I Follow Someone on TikTok
An infographics on Why Cant I Follow Someone on TikTok

TikTok is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world, with over 2 billion downloads and 1 billion active users.

It allows you to create, watch, and share short videos on various topics, from comedy to education.

You can also follow your favorite creators, celebrities, and friends on TikTok and see their latest content on your feed.

If you are facing any of these problems, you are not alone. Many TikTok users have reported that they are unable to follow anyone on the app, and they are frustrated and confused.

In this article, we will reveal the shocking truth behind why you can’t follow someone on TikTok, and how you can fix it.

The Main Reasons Why You Can’t Follow Someone on TikTok

There are two main reasons why you may not be able to follow anyone on TikTok.

The first one is that you have reached the maximum following limit, and the second one is that you have been shadowbanned.

You Have Reached the Maximum Following Limit

TikTok has a limit on how many accounts you can follow per day and per hour.

This is to prevent spamming and botting, and to ensure a fair and safe environment for all users.

According to research, TikTok allows new users to follow up to 140 accounts per day and 30 accounts per hour.

If you exceed this limit, you will be temporarily blocked from following anyone until the next hour or day.

The solution to this problem is simple: just wait for the next hour or day, and then you can resume following people.

Don’t follow too many accounts quickly, or TikTok may think you are a spammer or a bot.

A general rule of thumb is to slow down your daily follows and be selective in who you follow.

You Have Been Shadowbanned

An infographics on Shadowban on TikTok
An infographics on Shadowban on TikTok

The second reason why you can’t follow someone on TikTok is that you have been shadowbanned.

A shadowban is a secret penalty that TikTok imposes on users who violate its community guidelines or terms of service.

When you are shadowbanned, your account is still active, but your videos are hidden from the For You page, your followers, and other users.

You may also lose the ability to follow, comment, like, or message anyone on the app.

The reasons why you may get shadowbanned are varied, but some common ones are:

– Using hate speech, bullying, harassment, or discrimination
– Promoting illegal, harmful, or dangerous products or activities
– Uploading violent, graphic, sexual, or inappropriate content
– Using copyrighted or trademarked material without permission
– Using bots, hacks, or third-party apps to manipulate your views, likes, or followers

There is no easy fix, as TikTok secretly bans you and does not let you appeal.

However, some possible steps you can take are:

– Delete any content that may have violated the TikTok rules
– Change your password and log out and log back in to your account
– Contact TikTok support and explain your situation
– Take a break from posting or using the app for a few days or weeks
– Create a new account and start fresh

Other Possible Causes and Fixes

An infographics on Other Possible Causes and Fixes
An infographics on Other Possible Causes and Fixes

Apart from the two main reasons, there are some other possible causes and fixes for why you can’t follow someone on TikTok.

These include:

– A technical glitch or bug in the app. Sometimes, the app may malfunction or crash, and prevent you from following anyone. The solution is to update the app to the latest version, clear the cache and data, or uninstall and reinstall the app.
– A server outage or maintenance. Sometimes, the TikTok servers may be down or undergoing maintenance, and affect the functionality of the app. The solution is to check the TikTok status page or social media accounts for any updates, and wait for the issue to be resolved.
– The person has blocked you or has privacy settings. Sometimes, the person you are trying to follow may have blocked you or set their account to private, and prevent you from following them. The solution is to respect their decision and move on, or try to contact them through other means and ask for their permission.
– Your internet connection is slow or unstable. Sometimes, your internet connection may be too slow or unstable to process the follow request, and cause it to fail or revert. The solution is to check your internet speed and signal, and switch to a faster or more reliable network.



TikTok is a fun and exciting app that lets you follow your interests and passions, and connect with other users who share them.

However, if you can’t follow someone on TikTok, it can ruin your experience and make you feel left out.

Fortunately, there are some possible reasons and solutions for this problem, and we have covered them in this article.


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