How to Download TikTok Drafts

TikTok has taken the world by storm, becoming the go-to platform for sharing and discovering short-form videos.

With its vast array of features, it’s no wonder that users are constantly exploring new ways to enhance their TikTok experience.

One such feature is the ability to save drafts—a handy tool for perfecting your content before it goes live. But what if you want to download these drafts to your device?

This article will guide you through the latest methods to download your TikTok drafts, ensuring you never lose your creative spark.

How to Download TikTok Drafts
How to Download TikTok Drafts

What are TikTok Drafts?

Before we delve into downloading, let’s understand what TikTok drafts are.

Drafts are unpublished videos that you’ve saved within the app.

They allow you to work on your videos, making tweaks and changes until you’re ready to share them with the world.

Saving Your Masterpieces

To save a draft, simply record or upload your video, make your edits, and instead of posting, tap ‘Draft’ at the bottom right of the screen.

Your video will be safely stored in the ‘Drafts’ folder within your profile.

How to Download TikTok Drafts

For Android Users

If you’re using an Android device, downloading drafts can be straightforward.

After saving your draft, go to your profile, tap ‘Drafts’, and select the video you wish to download.

Look for the ‘Save’ option—usually found in the top-right corner—and tap it. Your video, complete with all edits, will be saved to your device’s gallery.

For iPhone and iPad Users

iOS users have a slightly different process.

Since there’s no direct ‘Save’ option, you’ll need to post the video privately. Here’s how:

  1. Go to ‘Drafts’ and select your video.
  2. Tap ‘Next’, then ‘Who Can Watch This Video’ and choose ‘Only Me’.
  3. Enable ‘Save to Device’ in ‘More Options’.
  4. Post the video—it will now be saved to your Photos app, visible only to you.

Pro Tips for TikTok Drafts

  • Plan Ahead: Before you start filming, think about the theme, setting, and other elements of your video.
  • Privacy Settings: Use the ‘Only Me’ option when posting to keep your drafts private while downloading.
  • Regular Backups: Make it a habit to download your drafts regularly to avoid losing any content.



With these tips, you’re now equipped to download your TikTok drafts with ease.

Whether you’re an Android or iOS user, you can safeguard your creative content and have it readily available on your device.

So go ahead, create without constraints, and let your imagination run wild—your TikTok drafts are just a download away!


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